Eating Vegan in Tenerife (Los Gigantes)

Travelling as a vegan can be challenging. During April, Leo and I holidayed in Tenerife – the most non vegan friendly place I have been to. Every menu was divided into categories of meat rather than starters, mains and desserts! Online research was incredibly useful when it came to finding vegan food and I hope this post will be useful to others in the future.


With Lidl approximately 5 minutes away from where we were staying I stocked up on some cereal (chocolate curls) and some plant milk (I tried hazelnut milk for the first time and it is incredible). Previously I have struggled to find breakfast options whilst on holiday so I wanted to have breakfast readily available everyday. This also meant that we didn’t have to leave the apartment early every morning!

With the help of the HappyCow app I found a local cafe Deli on the Hill which offers vegan breakfast and lunch options. I opted for the vegan pancakes with peanut butter and banana and was given a choice of syrups to add on top. I was expecting the peanut butter to be runny rather than a dry consistency but it was tasty nonetheless.

Vegan pancakes with banana and peanut butter from Deli on the Hill


On our first day we were looking for a place to get some lunch, this is when we first realised how difficult this holiday was going to be food wise. We ended up going back to trusty Lidl and picking up a few items – luckily they had a fridge full of vegetarian and vegan foods.

On the second day of our trip we took our rental car and drove to the famous water-park Siam park. From our previous day of not so successful eating out I prepared myself for a lunch of bread and salad. To my surprise there was a vegan section on the menu! We opted for vegan burgers and chips and fruit salad for pudding (gotta get in those micro-nutrients). They weren’t incredible but I was more than happy to provide demand for the water-park’s vegan options!

On both the hottest day and the final day of our trip we lounged around at a local pool Oasis. There is an infinity pool, a bar and a restaurant on-site. Although there were no vegan options available on the menu I was able to create my own pizza! I omitted the cheese added a few veggies on top.

Pizza with onion, peppers and sweetcorn from Oasis


On the first night we wanted to get some tapas, when in Spain. With a menu full of heavily meaty dishes I opted for some bruschetta with tomatoes and mushrooms. As I’m sure you can imagine, this didn’t really hit the spot and I ended up ordered some chips at a bar afterwards.

Thanks to the nearby Lidl we were able to cook our own dinners on a few evenings. A delicious Mediterranean pasta, vegan pizzas and vegan burgers.

With the use of our hire car we were able to venture further from Los Gigantes on one of our evenings to a 100% vegan restaurant Buenavida. The menu was predominantly burgers – all with a different theme. Everything about the food was delicious and it was nice to see veganism does exist in Tenerife!

Burger Green Sea, chips and Burger Crispy-B-Seitan from Buenavida

After some searching on trip adviser I came across a restaurant called Charlie’s Bistro. The reviews mentioned that although there is nothing vegan on the menu the owner is happy to accommodate. It is recommended that you reserve a table at this very popular restaurant and I wanted to give them a heads up that a vegan was in town! They were more than happy to host us, although they did call us weirdos (all in good jest) and reserved us a table outside. We were treated to a three course vegan dinner prepared especially for us. Homemade hummus on crackers, Thai red curry and baked tortilla with passion fruit sorbet.

Starter, main and dessert from Charlie’s Bistro

Ice-cream / Sorbet

On our first day in Tenerife we explored the area on foot to get a feel for the place. The sun was blazing and we needed a little something to cool us down. Thankfully, we stumbled upon a little ice cream shop which offered a range sorbets.

Raspberry and lemon sorbet from Heladeria El Punto

After a day lounging by the pool we visited a little ice lolly shop Ziggy Pop. They had a few vegan flavours available and the shop assistant was obsessed with the vegan pistachio lolly! To her disappointment I opted for a coconut one – it was creamy and delicious. I didn’t even manage to get a picture of these lollies as it was a race against us and the sun, the melting started as soon as we stepped outside.

All in All

Tenerife is not a vegan paradise but it is possible to get by with a little research and creativity!

Until next time, Susan.

Su’s Book Club: The Child

The Child is a story told from various perspectives following an announcement that the remains of a new born baby have been found buried in a garden in London.

It is the second book in a series in which the recurring character is a reporter, Kate Waters. The reason I started with the second book rather than the first was this one sounded a lot more captivating! Luckily, there were no obvious references to the previous book and I was able to read it without wondering what had happened previously.

Although trying to remember which character is which is confusing at first they all develop their own distinct roles within the story. As the story develops it becomes more and more interesting, truths come to light surrounding what happened to the baby and how everyone is entwined and involved.

As someone who likes to figure things out before the big reveal, I was captivated by the twists and turns of the story. Once I thought I’d got it sussed I had to keep reading just to prove I was right all along! (I was) Saying that, the book is not predictable at all. I loved the ending and how all the pieces of the puzzle slotted together.

A favourite quote from the book

One of my highlighted quotes from the book showed the relationship between a mother and daughter towards the beginning of the book.

So we ring each other on birthdays and at Christmas, that sort of thing. It’s a routine that allows us to stay in touch with the aid of a calendar, not our emotions.

As you read you find out all the events which led up to this point and how their relationship is going to change in the future.

What I’m reading next

The next book I’m reading is The Rumour by Lesley Kara. If you have any book recommendations please let me know!

Until next time, Susan.