My YouTube Comeback

Today’s blog post is an update to let you know that I have been working on my YouTube channel.

Since I was at school I have dabbled in and out of making videos and I love the creative process of editing and having videos to look back on.

Over the years I find myself making a few videos and then make excuses for not continuing or feeling as though people I know may judge me or make fun of the things I post.

As I currently have all the time in the world to spend my time doing things I enjoy and improve my skills I have decided relaunched my channel.

The first video is an introduction to my channel. Letting you know the type of content I want to create, which is a reflection of the content I like to watch!

Introduction To My Channel | Project Lazy Susan

I will be uploading at least once a week and you can expect to see:

  • vlogs
  • vegan food
  • fitness reviews
  • routines

And if there is anything more that you would like to see from me, feel free to let me know.

Click here if you would like to subscribe and keep up to date with all I am posting!

Until next time, Susan

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