Eating Vegan: Amsterdam

In 2019 I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam twice; once with my sister Linda and once with my boyfriend Leo. I fell in love with the canals, the museums and of course the food!

Amsterdam is known for many things, one of which is their chips and fritessaus (which is similar to mayonnaise). I was pleasantly surprised to find that every chip shop had a vegan version of this sauce! I have to say the mayo:chip ratio was insane and I honestly wish I could pop to Amsterdam right now just to get some (post-lockdown dreams…).

Bagels & Beans is the Pret of Amsterdam, they are everywhere, and the food is really good! If you’re like me and you love bagels you have to check it out. They have a vegan red pepper cream cheese (delicious!) and quite a few vegan filling options.

I’m not sure if this is actually a thing BUT the pancakes in Amsterdam were i n c r e d i b l e. I ate pancakes at 4 different restaurants and have 0 regrets. PANCAKES Amsterdam is right next to Anne Frank’s house and serves crêpe style pancakes, here Linda and I opted for classic lemon and sugar. Moak Pancakes was highly recommended when googling “pancakes in Amsterdam” and did not disappoint, I had The Good Life which came with plant-based yogurt, vegan granola, cinnamon, strawberries and Canadian Maple Syrup. An instagram search (#veganamsterdam) came up with Mr. Stacks a 100% pancakes restaurant, here I went for sweet pancakes and Leo went for savoury, they were thick, fluffy and very insta-worthy. And last but not least, my favourite pancake place was The Happy Pig which Linda and I visited not once but twice! Crêpes filled with whatever you want rolled up and sliced into bitsize pieces, ugh I still dream of this place.

Now, if you’re hot on the vegan instagram scene you will probably be aware of Amsterdam’s vegan hot spot Vegan Junk Food Bar. As the name suggests the menu consisted of all things junk food: burgers, hot dogs, fries. That being said everything on the menu is vibrant and full of flavour, the staff were super friendly and mentioned that maybe one day a branch could open in London (fingers crossed). The food was incredible and I left feeling incredibly full.

As much as I enjoyed gorging on fries, bagels and pancakes, I need to shout out a few other places. The pizza restaurant Pizza Heart Bar has a delicious vegan menu, friendly staff and a cosy setting. Beter & Leuk is a 100% vegan cafe which also sells art and clothes! They do breakfast, brunch, lunch and high tea. Here I had open sandwiches with tempeh. (I have a feeling this was the first time tried tempeh and it was great!) Whilst looking for Beter & Leuk we stumbled upon another 100% vegan place Deer Mama which specialises in icecream, mylkshakes and burgers.

All in all I would say Amsterdam is an incredible city for vegans, nearly every single restaurant and cafe has vegan options! If you’re looking to travel to Amsterdam (once we are allowed to travel again) I hope this has been useful.

Until next time, Susan

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