Eating Vegan: The Bull and Gate

I love roast dinners.

On the 16th June, my sister and I had a two course meal to celebrate Father’s Day at The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town, London. At this meal I was reunited with a veganised version of my love, the Yorkshire pudding. Since turning vegan (1.5 years ago) every roast dinner I’ve eaten has been missing this vital component.

The main

Butternut squash, courgette & roast pepper filo wellington, basil & pepper puree, vegan Yorkshire pudding, caramelised parsnips & carrots, braised red cabbage, steamed spring greens & gravy

The vegan roast dinner was essentially a plate of vegetables. To my surprise it was an incredibly filling plate of vegetables – I couldn’t finish it! The pastry was crispy, the potatoes were fluffy and the veg was bursting with an array of flavours. Red cabbage is something I rarely eat and it gives me comforting Christmas vibes. We also requested some mustard because what’s a meal without added condiments. And finally, the Yorkshire pudding was soo good. It was slightly sweet and it had the taste and texture that I’ve been missing for a year and a half.

The Pudding

Apricot & Bramley apple crumble with vegan vanilla ice cream

You can’t fault an apple crumble, it is a classic and the twist of adding apricot made it even better. The ice cream looked identical as my sisters so I had to ask the waitress and have my sister taste test it to double check it was vegan. Once this was confirmed I tried and failed the mission of eating a pudding when I was already full.

The Verdict

This meal was on the more expensive side, but if you’re seeking a treat-yourself roast dinner it is perfect. They cater for both vegans and non-vegans. The dining hall was lovely, it was well lit and well decorated. If I’m feeling a fancy roast dinner it will definitely be on my list of places to go.

Until next time, Susan.

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