Amsterdam: Conscious Hotel Westerpark

At the beginning of March my sister and I embarked on a 4 day adventure in Amsterdam. The hotel we chose to stay in is part of a chain of 4 hotels called the Conscious Hotels.

They describe themselves as “eco-sexy” and I was excited to see what they do for the environment.

When walking in to the lobby the first thing I noticed was the aesthetic: baby pink + plants – very insta worthy. The check in was self-service but the desk is staffed 24/7 in case you need any help. The reception consisted of a small shop and a little cafe offering coffee, snacks and gifts which you could take home to your friends and family.

The Location

The hotel was, unsurprisingly, located at Westerpark, a great location for a hotel which is run on sun and wind energy. When booking the hotel it was difficult to determine where it was in relation to the places which were planning to visit. We ended up in a few uber trips back to the hotel as we were over an hours walk away by the end of the day. Regardless of how far out the hotel was, the views of the canals and bridges we passed whilst getting around never got old.

The Bedroom

First things first, the bed was HUGE. I don’t think I have ever slept in a bed of this magnitude. The big comfy bed paired with soft pillows had me sleeping like a baby.

The lighting was set up with three different switches, which were placed by the front door and on each side of the bed. This allowed either a combination of different lights to be on at the same time or just one light, such as a bedside table. This lighting saves energy as you do not need all the lights on at the same time.

The room had incredibly high ceilings and windows. There was a mini set of stairs to ensure you got a view of the outside world. Our room was overlooking Westerpark, the views were beautiful and further enhanced by some handy binoculars which were supplied on the windowsill. If it wasn’t so cold and windy for the duration of our stay the park would have been perfect for a bike ride or morning walk.

The Bathroom

The toilet was in a separate room to the shower and sink, meaning you had to walk across the room to wash your hands.

The toilet room was decorated with a big painting of a dog on the wall above the toilet, this gave me a bit of a fright when I thought it was a mirror in the middle of the night.

The shower room had underfloor heating, which was so nice under foot in the cold mornings. The sink and shower were stocked with clearly labelled vegan soap, moisturiser and shampoo – all of which smelt incredible. Once you had finished showering you were given a choice of dropping your towel on the floor to be collected and cleaned by the hotel or hung up on a hook to be used again. Reusing the towels results in saving water and unnecessary laundry.

The water from the bathroom sink tap was drinking water, allowing us to stay hydrated by refilling our own water bottles. We later found that all public bathrooms had drinkable tap water. This meant that the public tap water was always cold, not great for washing your hands but great for reducing electricity usage.

The Breakfast

On our first morning at the hotel we decided to take full advantage of the onsite breakfast. At 18€ per person we had pretty high hopes for what the buffet would entail. When opting for this option we were assured by a staff member that there were great vegan options available.

Upon entering the restaurant we were offered tea or coffee, I opted for tea (and requested some soya milk) which was brought over to our table once we were settled. I was pleasantly surprised to be served a selection of six different loose teas in cute little glass jars. Despite the range of teas available I went for a classic English Breakfast tea.

When approaching the food stand the vegan options were bread, granola and fruit. I asked the chef which options were vegan and he kindly made me a bowl of soya yogurt topped with granola, fresh fruit and dried fruit. In an attempt to get my moneys worth I also had some toast with peanut butter and berry compote.

We later found out that the buffet style breakfast was not the only breakfast available and that you could order from an à la carte menu. If we had known about this we wouldn’t have opted for the buffet as it was a little on the expensive side.

All In All

I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel. Previously, I have opted to stay in an Airbnb or hostel when visiting other countries. Whilst looking at the options in Amsterdam the prices for hotels and Airbnbs were so similar we decided to treat ourselves to a bit of luxury. It’s so nice to go out and return to a freshly cleaned room every day. The fact that we were able to find an ecofriendly place to stay is amazing and I hope more hotels follow suit in the future.

Until next time, Susan.


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